These tips can help you get ahead of the holiday hustle

Experts suggest scheduling a cleaning service can help the process

It’s hard to believe the holidays are just a few weeks away, and with that comes some lengthy to-do lists.

By taking advantage of early planning, you can get ahead on your preparations before the chaos arrives.

So, to help make the most of your limited time, consider bringing in help. Co-Founder of Angie’s List, Angie Hicks says hiring cleaning services to help around the holidays can really take the stress out of your life.

Hicks says getting a few extra hours back while someone else tackles cleaning the kitchen, or the bathrooms can really give you peace of mind. If you’re planning to bring in help, make sure you’re on their list.

Mandy Lewis, the owner of Choice Cleaning, says her crews are booked well in advance during the holidays.

Lewis suggests calling a cleaning service as soon as possible.

Experts suggest stocking up ahead of time so you can easily set out extra toiletries, as well as extra blankets and towels, but advise to not let things become too cluttered.

Keeping things clutter-free also helps your home feel calm, orderly and ready to welcome guests.

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