Small business grant will help more than 50 businesses in Bexar County

Application deadline for the Building Resilient Small Businesses Grant coming up

SAN ANTONIO – Small business are struggling as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the state and the nation. But a new grant could help more than 50 businesses in Bexar County stay afloat.

“We really, really want to reach as many of the small businesses as we can and really provide them those funds to get them through this time,” said Leslie Rangel, programs director of Maestro Entrepreneur Center.

The Maestro Entrepreneur Center is currently accepting applications for the “Building Resilient Small Businesses Grant, which can provide businesses in Bexar County up to $15,000.

The Bexar County Strong Initiative is funding the nearly $1 million grant.

Rangel said the grant will help 56 businesses keep their doors open amid the pandemic. So far, the grant has already received 88 applications.

To qualify, businesses must have been formed before August 1, 2019. They must also show a 10% loss in revenue and have had two to 10 full-time employees during the first quarter of this year.

Royal Blue Grocery is one of the businesses impacted by the pandemic in the downtown area.

The business opened last year and owner Jessica Provost said they were seeing growth; at least, until they were hit with COVID-19.

Provost recently applied for the grant that is helping struggling businesses.

“We would pay our rent and keep paying our employees and try to keep our store up. It’s a lot of maintenance that goes into any business,” said Provost.

The deadline for businesses to apply for the grant is fast approaching. Applications will close as soon as Nov. 4.

To learn more, or to apply for the grant, click here.

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