Dancing with your grandparents can improve their mood, prevent dementia

Experts say dance therapy can improve senior’s emotional health

Dancing with your grandparents can improve their mood and prevent dementia

The pandemic has prevented us from seeing our older relatives.

When that isolation ends, a new study says there’s one thing every grandchild should do to improve their grandparents' emotional and mental health.

For many of us, it’s been several months since we’ve seen our older relatives.

And when it’s safe enough to see them again, experts say every grandchild should take their grandparent dancing.

A study found that dance therapy can improve senior’s fitness and emotional health.

Experts say it also affected the attitudes of the younger generation.

The study revealed the classes helped grandmothers form stronger bonds with their grandchildren.

Researchers say dancing is a great way to improve muscle strength, balance, endurance, as well as reduce anxiety and depression.

Researchers also believe dance therapy for seniors can also help in preventing dementia.

Experts say even though physical activity is important for older adults, dancing is key to success because it involves personal interaction with a loved one.

The study also revealed grandmothers were uplifted to dance with their granddaughters even when their body was tired or weak.

Experts say the study strengthens the significance of close relationships in older relatives.

Experts say dancing can be a simple and positive way to get back in touch with our loved ones, once it’s safe to see them again.

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