San Antonio state lawmakers looking to expand marijuana use in the state

Will Texas legalize marijuana in 2021?

SAN ANTONIO – Texas lawmakers have begun filing bills for the upcoming legislative session and there are already more than a dozen bills regarding marijuana use and decriminalization.

The new bill proposals come off the heels of five more states legalizing marijuana for full medical use or recreational use.

Currently, 11 states have fully legalized marijuana and 34 states have made it legal for medical use.

According to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll in 2018, more than 53% of the state’s voters would legalize pot.

“The people of Texas are tired of marijuana prohibition,” Heather Fazio the director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy said.

Fazio has been lobbying for years for the expansion of marijuana laws in the state and believes because they are closer than ever to seeing something get done next legislative session.

“We’ve been working with Democrats and Republicans to find common ground on legislation with decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and allowing patients safe and legal access to medical cannabis by making the Compassionate Use program more inclusive.

The Compassionate Use Act in Texas only allows a small amount of medical marijuana to certain patients.

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