Witte Museum hopes to survive pandemic with ‘Not Out of the Woods Yet’ recovery fund

Museum says it has lost $3-4 million since start of pandemic

SAN ANTONIO – Known for teaching and inspiring South Texans through experiences in nature, science, and culture for nearly 100 years, the Witte museum hopes they can continue to do so.

“Our calculated revenue loss for this year is between three and four million dollars, that’s a combination of membership, admissions, donations, and it’s a lot,” Marise McDermott, CEO & President Witte Museum said.

McDermott says the non-profit has done everything it can to stay open through the pandemic, even being one of the first museums in the country to re-open its doors.

But the museum still needs the community’s help -- which is why they currently have the Not Out of the Woods Yet Recovery fund.

“Every bit of our financial structure is down, so the recovery fund is a way to bring us back up to provide financial help so we can get through this pandemic,” McDermott said.

Another hit the Witte has taken is the revenue from its weddings and events which have been canceled since March. It is another reason for the recovery fund.

McDermott said the community can help by visiting the Witte, becoming a member, visiting the Witte’s gift shop, or donating online so that it can financially get out of the woods and continue to be an essential and safe place for families to learn.

“It’s an almost 100-year-old gather place,” McDermott said. “People have depended on the museum for generations to learn together and to be together.”

The non-profit said the Witte is a large safe space to visit with your family. It’s eight acres with large indoor and outdoor spaces and everyone is required to wear a mask.

The Witte is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from Noon to 5 p.m.

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