Tips on organizing your holiday decorations

Experts say keeping your decorations organized can make things easier

Experts say keeping your decorations organized can make things easier

Trees, lights, ornaments, garlands, wreaths—there is a lot we can include in our holiday decor.

But what do you when it’s time to put it all away?

Many of us could use a hand in organizing those holiday items that we only use for a few weeks each year.

So, where do you start?

First things first: handle the big stuff.

“When you’re considering how to store bulkier items, keep in mind: you want something that’s easy to move,” Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie’s List says. “For example, a container with wheels can be really handy moving it across the floor, but might be more difficult if you’re moving it up the stairs, so make sure your container has good handles as well.”

Whether it’s rolling plastic totes or a sturdy bag for an artificial tree, containing your decor is a good place to begin.

“Lights, I feel like, are super frustrating for people, because you get ready to turn your house Clark-Griswold style, get all the lights up and they’re a tangled mess,” says Maria Baer, owner of the Baer Minimalist. “My suggestion is, just cut up one of those Amazon boxes that’s coming to your house every day this season and tape your lights around it. That way, it can be stored vertically inside of a storage container or set on a shelf. But next season you won’t have that same issue,” Baer said.

Next on the list of items to tackle: ornaments.

“Cardboard can weaken over time, and also can’t protect your decorations from pests or water damage,” Hicks said. “So, consider investing in plastic containers that can keep your holiday decor safe and in good condition for years to come.”

Switching from the original cardboard packaging can also help you save space.

“There are a lot of more efficient ways to store ornaments,” says Baer. “Snapware makes a great 3-tiered ornament storage unit. I recommend taking all of the flatter ornaments that you have and just laying them on top of each other and setting them in a box.”

And if that storage area is just too full, take this time to edit your holiday collection.

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