Children are more likely to be generous when parents are more compassionate, empathetic, study says

Researchers say generosity in children provides an early example of pro-social behavior


A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California at Davis confirms the importance of a mother’s compassion, especially when it comes to helping kids complete various activities.

The study showed that children with highly compassionate mothers are more likely to be generous than their peers.

Researchers also found that compassionate moms developed emotionally close relationships with their children, which made their kids more willing to give back to others.

Experts say the positive effects can be seen as early as four-years-old.

According to researchers, generosity in children provides an early example of pro-social behavior. The study also revealed that being more generous has many significant biological benefits for kids, including feeling less anxious and stressed.

Experts say this is because children feel calm after sharing, which reinforces their generous behavior.

Researcher Paul Hastings said they are hoping these findings highlight the benefits associated with generosity and compassionate parenting.

“Being in a calmer state after sharing could reinforce the generous behavior that produced that good feeling,” Hastings said.

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