Victoria resident recalls violence on U.S. Capitol

“They were saying ‘charge let’s get in there,’” woman recalls U.S. Capitol violence

Victoria resident recalls violence on U.S. Capitol

Some area Texans had a front-row seat to witness instances of violence on the U.S. Capitol grounds in an attempt to obstruct the certification of electoral votes on Wednesday.

Maria Miller, a Victoria resident and member of a Latinos for Trump organization, said she was attending a separate rally near the Capitol when a violent mob rushed the Capitol building.

Following the initial siege, she and a crowd headed toward Capitol Hill, where thousands gathered.

Miller said people in the crowd were inciting violence.

“They were saying, ‘Charge let’s get in there,’ waving his hands and fist. Everyone was looking around. He kept saying, ‘Let’s go charge,’” Miller told KSAT.

Miller’s group eventually made it to a safe area and will head home on Thursday.

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Jakob Rodriguez is a digital journalist at KSAT 12. He's a graduate of Texas State University, where he served as the editor-in-chief of the student-run newspaper, The University Star.