Global company seeks to fill 100 positions at upcoming Brooks virtual job fair

Okin Business Process plans to expand San Antonio headquarters

SAN ANTONIO – Okin Business Process hopes to bring 80 to 100 people on board with the help of the Brooks virtual job fair. The global company has three locations, including one in the Alamo City.

The Czech Republic based company opened it’s U.S. headquarter in San Antonio in 2018. They focus on helping other companies with operations and work flow.

Okin hopes to fill the team lead and customer service positions.

Employee, Alyssa Castro, told KSAT she was looking for a job prior to the pandemic. She began to worry how she would provide for her family.

However, she said applied at Okin and, last May, she was hired with the company.

“It’s a huge relief, knowing that my kids are going to be okay. They’re going to have everything they need. Not having to worry about the next bill. It’s a blessing to be given this opportunity in the middle of the pandemic,” Castro said.

Castro started as a customer service agent and worked her way up to a team lead.

She believes those who apply for the upcoming positions will have a chance to set the tone at the company’s San Antonio location.

“At this point in time we are in the start up, so the first few hundred people that we’re hiring are going to help shape and create the ideal workplace. You’re going to make the environment. You’re going to set the culture,” she said.

Okin Process is just one of 39 employers that will be seeking to hire at the Brooks virtual job fair. For more information on the company, click here.

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