The history of San Antonio’s Finesilver building dates back to the 1800s

The building once housed a business that used to be the largest employer in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a name that many of us of have heard but perhaps don’t know about.

In recent years, the name Finesilver has been associated with the curve that links Interstate 35 and Interstate 10 and that is notorious for many traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers that tie up traffic for hours.

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But, the curve got its name from the building, and the building’s history is one that dates back to the 1800s.

Those who have lived in San Antonio for years likely know that the Finesilver building once housed the Finesilver Manufacturing Company, a clothing manufacturer.

To get a better understanding of the rich history, we walked the halls with one of the last remaining links to the building’s original heyday: Lynn Finesilver Crystal.

”It was the pants and overalls company,” Crystal said. “My grandfather started it in 1897″

Nowadays, the Finesilver building has been re-imagined and is a modern workspace, with numerous businesses calling it home. Crystal walked the building with us, taking us back to the time when large quantities of quality clothing were manufactured.

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