Do you lie about your health or bad habits to your doctor? Here’s why it’s not a good idea

The information can help minimize your risks for future complications

Telling a fib to your doctor could interfere with your treatment and healing process. Here are some things you should never lie about.

No one is honest 100% of the time, but lying to your doctor can put your health in jeopardy.

Lying about a nicotine habit can cause problems if you need surgery. Smoking can interfere with your healing process, so doctors need to know if you light up.

Be honest about how much you drink. Alcohol can interfere with certain meds and tests.

Also, be truthful about the supplements and meds you take. Your doctor needs to know if you’re at risk for interactions.

Never lie about your surgical history, whether it was a minor or major procedure.

This information can help minimize your risks for future complications, like scar tissue and anesthesia reactions.

You should tell your doctor the truth about your sexual history, including whether you’ve ever had an STD.

This will help your physician determine important tests and treatments you might need. And women should let their doctor know if they’ve ever had an abortion or miscarriage.

This information can help your provider accurately assess your fertility and reproductive health. According to a survey, men are more likely to lie to their doctors about alcohol use while women are more likely to hide info about sexual partners.

Furthermore patients 35 and older are more likely to lie about their exercise habits than younger patients who are more likely to lie about smoking.

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