Jury selection resumes Friday for in-person trials in Bexar County

500 prospective jurors to be interviewed remotely on Friday, in-person trials to begin Tuesday

In preparation for in-person jury trials, the juror qualification process will begin on Friday.

SAN ANTONIO – After a 13-month delay, in-person jury trials will begin Tuesday in Bexar County.

A moratorium on jury service was ordered 13 months ago due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

In preparation for the trials, the juror qualification process will begin on Friday.

”We’re going to qualify up to 500 people through virtual means,” Local Administrative Judge Ron Rangel said Thursday. ”They’re all going to appear on computer screens and I’m going to talk to them through a computer screen. The panelists will be questioned, and concerns and exemptions will be discussed.”

The next step toward jury service will be conducted next week.

“All the jury selections are going to happen Tuesday,” Rangel said. “We’re going to give them all the information that they need when they are assigned a trial.”

Rangel said all COVID-19 protocols, which include social distancing and face coverings, will remain in place.

”It’s going to be very challenging and something we’ve never done before” Rangel said. “I’m excited to actually participate in the process.”

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