Study finds more rigorous P.E. classes could improve a kid’s academic performance

Improving physical education classes could be the key to academic success for your children.

Improving physical education classes could be the key to academic success for children.

Researchers in Spain examined data from kids and teenagers in eleven countries, including in the United States. In their study, that team of researchers compared the quantity versus the quality of P.E. lessons when it came to academic prowess.

The compiled data showed that simply increasing the number or the length or standard regiment physical education had very little impact on the kid’s academic abilities. However, using the same data, they found lessons with added high intensity activities such as dance or martial arts did have a strong influence on academic ability. These results were clearer among the younger kids.

According to researchers, that could be because high intensity sports are considered “cognitively challenging”.

So what was the conclusion of the study? That schools should not just add more P.E. classes at campuses. Rather, there should be a greater focus on improving the overall quality of the lessons.

You can read more about this study by clicking here.

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