WATCH | Episode 2: Solutionaries tackles affordable housing crisis

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What can be done about affordable housing? (Solutionaries.)

Episode 2 of “Solutionaries” tackles the lack of affordable housing across America and highlights the people and organizations who are working to solve the crisis.


In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from the 3-part episode, hosted by Louis Bolden:

Part 1: The problem

As mentioned, the problem this episode takes on is the lack of affordable housing nationwide. Our focus group sits down to share some of the struggles they’ve faced trying to find affordable housing.

Part 2: What is a CLT?

One solution we discovered during our journey to find Solutionaries taking on the affordable housing crisis is community land trusts, which make affordable housing more attainable by eliminating the cost of the land for the homebuyer. Nadeen Yanes explains how they work and why they’re becoming more popular across the U.S.

Part 3: The solutions

As we do every episode, we put together another panel comprised of people who are committed to finding solutions to the issue at hand — in this case, the lack of affordable housing. The “solutionaries” discuss the creative ways they’re working to improve affordable housing options in their communities, whether that be through legislation, volunteering or other unique ideas.

You can watch episode 2 of Solutionaries in its entirety at the top of this story.

After you’ve watched

If, after hearing from our solutionaries, you feel inspired to get involved, you can browse the list of resources below to learn more about organizations that are making a difference.

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