12 On Your Side: Be thankful you’re not filling up in California, what to look out for this Black Friday, invention that claims to cure hiccups

This week’s consumer roundup from Marilyn Moritz!

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Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

The turkey is thawing, the sun is shining and my girls will be home from college for pumpkin pie – there is much to be grateful for.

If you’re hitting the road to feast on turkey and stuffing at grandma’s house, gas prices have tapered off a wee bit. It’s an average $2.83 a gallon around SA. Sure, it’s $1.20 more than last year, but be thankful you’re not filling up in California.

We’ve covered a cornucopia of consumer news lately (and a lot of alliteration!)

First up, Black Friday. I’m not sure we should call it that anymore. It’s more than a day – especially this year when retailers rolled out the deals right after Halloween to compensate for supply chain snarls. There will be sales and deals, of course, but experts tell me the super-duper discounts won’t be as deep or as plentiful as years past. Some of the biggest money-savers will be on big TV’s, I’m told.

I know, you’ve heard it before, it’s probably a good idea to shop early. And, if you see a “must-have” gift, you’d be smart to go ahead and buy.

There’s nothing like panic-driving all over town on December 24th looking for a lavender unicorn that sparkles – not that I’ve ever done that or anything.

On a totally different subject, how do you stop the hiccups? There are all kinds of home remedies, and some work some of the time. But now a local doctor has invented a product that really seems to work well. It’s a funky-looking straw that the doc tells me was inspired by his son’s McFlurry.

Check out the story. And if you have problem hiccups, this is worth a try. Btw, it’s about $10 at HEB.

Finally, off the consumer beat- I had the chance to meet a couple, married nearly 70 years, who decided to make interesting and inspiring use of their pandemic “lockdown” time. Colonel Jerry Bullock wrote a book and his wife, Lucille, was editor and proofreader. It’s on Amazon – really. I invite you to read about their story here. You can also read their little book.

Have a wonderful week, and take a moment to give thanks.


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