Preteen rescued from drainage ditch after standoff with snake

No snakes were harmed during the rescue

HARROWING, TEETH CLENCHING, SNAKE GRATE RESCUE! Isn’t it nice to live in a city so safe that this is the big event of the week? - Southlake DPS (Southlake Department of Public Safety)

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – Police officers and firemen don’t just rescue kittens from trees, they also save preteens from drainage pipes when they’re trapped by snakes.

Southlake Department of Public Safety shared a somewhat comical story to Facebook about rescuing 12-year-old Tori from an uncomfortable situation she found herself in on Wednesday.

In the final days of a two-week quarantine, sisters Tori and Carly decided to play outside after finishing lunch and homework.

“Tori got the idea to crawl into a drainage pipe, even though that’s specifically against Mom’s rules,” the post states.

She shimmied through the tight tunnel and turned around to go back out but came face to face with a large black snake.

“Before all of you Snake People jump in and say we’re vilifying snakes, WE ARE NOT. We are telling this from the perspective of a 12-year old young lady who didn’t have her snake identifier page on Facebook handy and was crammed in a tight space, so calm down,” the Facebook post quips.

Tori tried turning around and going out the other side of the drainage pipe but there was another large black snake on that side, leaving the preteen feeling trapped inside the pipe.

“Sister Carly wanted to try to help and crawl in, but when she saw the second snake, she was like nope,” according to the Facebook post.

Carly told her sister to just close her eyes and crawl past it before their mom found out but, according to the Southlake DPS, that “made Tori burst into tears and come to a conclusion that a confession was the final option.”

“Carly then high-tailed it in the house, leaving poor Tori alone with the company of some new friendsssssssssss. The decision had been made that the snakes were scarier than mom’s wrath,” the Facebook post states.

The grate where Tori was waiting is extremely heavy and the girls’ mom wasn’t able to lift it on her own so she gave Tori a choice — crawl past her snake friend or call the Southlake Police and Fire Departments to rescue her.

“She chose Southlake Police and Fire, baby,” said Southlake DPS officials. “We were there in minutes and after about 90 seconds, we got the grate off.”

Southlake DPS told KSAT they’re “so happy this had a happy ending and we champion the girls’ sense of adventure and exploration.”

Officials also wanted to stress that no snakes were harmed in the incident.

“We know now they were rat snakes, but imagine for a second poor Tori feeling like she was in the snake pit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first movie of the Indiana Jones trilogy. Yeah we said it. Crystal Skull doesn’t count,” said DPS officials.

The final message from Southlake DPS?

“Snake People—no snakes were harmed! Southlake citizens—we’re always here for you in a quick and timely matter, no matter what! Be safe today in Southlake and beyond!” they posted.

Mom came out, failed at lifting the heavy heavy grate, and she gave Tori the option to crawl past a snake (either/or, dealer’s choice) or call the Southlake Police and Fire Departments to rescue her. She chose Southlake Police and Fire, baby. - Southlake DPS (Southlake Department of Public Safety)

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