How redistricting changed political districts in San Antonio area

See the changes made to congressional, Texas House and Texas Senate districts

Redistricting has changed the political boundaries in San Antonio and Texas. The old map is left and the new map is to the right. (KSAT)

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The March 1 primary election will mark the first time Texas is using the new political map approved by lawmakers during last year’s redistricting process.

Redistricting occurs every decade after new Census numbers are released. Though the intention is to resize districts based on the new population figures, it’s often a highly politicized process that benefits the political party in charge of drawing the new district lines.

Critics say the new maps are intentionally discriminatory, breaking up some minority communities in Texas and diluting the growth of people of color. The architects behind the map have claimed that the process was “race blind” and were drawn with no knowledge of racial makeup.

Voters heading to the polls for the primary may be surprised to learn they’re in a new district or that their current representative was drawn out of their district.

Before casting your ballot, view the graphics below to see how districts have changed. For more specific information about your district, click here.

Early voting for the primary begins on Feb. 14, with election day slated for March 1. The deadline to register to vote was Jan. 31.

To check your voter registration status in Bexar County, click here. To find out which precinct you live in, click here.

Congressional districts

Congressional District 15 - Represented by Vicente Gonzalez (D)

CD 15 (KSAT)

Congressional District 20 - Represented by Joaquin Castro (D)

CD 20 (KSAT)

Congressional District 21 - Represented by Chip Roy (R)

CD 21 (KSAT)

Congressional District 23 - Represented by Tony Gonzales (R)

CD 23 (KSAT)

Congressional District 28 - Represented by Henry Cuellar (D)

CD 28 (KSAT)

Congressional District 35 - Represented by Lloyd Doggett (D)

CD 35 (KSAT)

Texas Senate

Senate District 19 - Represented by Roland Gutierrez (D)

SD-19 (KSAT)

Senate District 21 - Represented by Judith Zaffirini (D)

SD 21 (KSAT)

Senate District 24 - Represented by Dawn Buckingham (R)

SD 24 (KSAT)

Senate District 25 - Represented by Donna Campbell (R)

SD 25 (KSAT)

Senate District 26 - Represented by José Menéndez (D)

SD 26 (KSAT)

Texas House

Texas House (KSAT)

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