Woman gives emotional testimony about what she witnessed during deadly shooting in 2019

Johnathan Johnson’s capital murder trial underway

Woman gives emotional testimony about what she witnessed during deadly shooting in 2019

SAN ANTONIO – A witness in a double murder in February 2019 took the stand on Tuesday in the capital murder trial of Johnathan Johnson.

Angelica Rangel stated she believed the entire shooting was over an argument with her best friend over her friend adding a cellphone line to her data plan without her permission.

Johnathan Johnson is accused of killing two people inside their South Side apartment in 2019.

Rangel said her mother arrived at her apartment before the shooting to warn her that her friend had stopped by to tell her that she would finish Rangel off.

Moments later, Rangel’s door was kicked in, and more than two dozen shots were fired.

“I remember laying there, thinking, ‘If you move, he’s going to kill you,’” Rangel said. “Don’t move. Don’t breathe. Don’t make a sound.”

She said the bandana the gunman was using fell off at one point, and that was how she was able to recognize Johnson.

“He stepped into my door, he turns, and he shoots my mom more. I remember, at that point, he wasn’t holding his bandana anymore, so I saw that man,” Rangel said, pointing at Johnson in the courtroom during testimony.

Rangel was the third witness to take the stand for the state on Tuesday. During cross-examination, the defense questioned her reliability and credibility.

Testimony will continue on Wednesday.

If found guilty, Johnson is facing life in prison.


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