Testimony in capital murder trial reveals brothers blaming one another for 2016 murder

Eduardo Torres facing life in prison if found guilty

Eduardo Torres faces life in prison if he is found guilty.

SAN ANTONIO – Two brothers are pointing their fingers at each other for the 2016 murder of a man at a bus stop.

Eduardo Torres is facing a capital murder charge for robbing and shooting 21-year-old Nathan Valdez.

Valdez was at a bus stop on South Presa in October 2016 when Eduardo Torres and his brother, Leonard, pulled up and attacked him, officials said.

Valdez died days later as a result of a single gunshot wound.

While Leonard Torres took a plea deal, Eduardo Torres is currently on trial.

Interrogation videos shown to the jury Thursday show Eduardo denying taking any part in any crime and says his brother was probably the one who did it.

“If it’s murder, then that’s what he did. I didn’t shoot anybody,” Eduardo Torres said in the video, referring to his brother.

Torres was even seen making phone calls to his brother, Leonard, telling him to come down to police headquarters and tell them he had nothing to do with anything.

Detective Manny Morales testified that Eduardo Torres’s white SUV matched the vehicle seen in the surveillance video. The gun found in his vehicle matched the shell casings recovered from the scene.

Morales can be heard during the interrogation telling Eduardo Torres that his brother, Leonard, told him that Eduardo was the shooter.

Leonard Torres has since taken a plea deal, and his charge was reduced from capital murder to murder. He has yet to be sentenced but will be facing his brother. He is expected to testify against Eduardo Torres on Friday.

If Eduardo Torres is found guilty, he is facing life in prison.


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