Meet the new meteorologist at KSAT, Mia Montgomery

Mia will join the KSAT Weather Authority team in September

Mia Montgomery will join the KSAT Weather Authority team in September. (KSAT 12)

A new face is coming to KSAT 12. Meteorologist Mia Montgomery will be joining the incredible KSAT Weather Authority team in September.

Mia comes from a local TV station serving the Brazos Valley, KBTX, but is not a stranger to San Antonio. She grew up in the area!

She’s excited to be making her way back home and getting to know all of you.

Mia is actually SO excited that she’s answered a few questions to help us get to know her ahead of her first day at KSAT.

See her answers below (and if you’d like to say hello, you can leave her a message in the comments!).

Tell us about where you’re from. Have you lived in San Antonio before?

I was born in San Antonio and grew up just south in Floresville, Texas! I have grandparents, cousins and great aunts all the way down Highway 90 from San Antonio, Castroville, Hondo and Uvalde.

I graduated from Floresville High School and then went to Texas A&M University (I’m a fourth-generation Aggie so Texas A&M was always in the cards for me).

While I was there, I did a couple of internships, including at my current broadcast station in Bryan College Station. And I just never left.

But of course, the end goal was always to get back home because that’s where my family and best friends are. So I’m overjoyed to be able to come back and serve my community as a meteorologist.

Mia Montgomery will join the KSAT Weather Authority team in September. (KSAT 12)

What made you want to pursue meteorology?

I have a typical meteorologist story. I was 3 years old and it was a Friday night — I remember it so vividly.

My parents went to San Antonio for a date night and I was home with my babysitter. We were having ridiculously strong storms that night (it ended up sparking a few tornadoes down south of Floresville), and I remember my babysitter was screaming at me to get in the closet but I was just interested in what was going on outside.

I actually didn’t know that I wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist until college. I came and shadowed Sarah Spivey a couple of months after she had started at KSAT and that experience is what convinced me to take a broadcast class at Texas A&M.

What are you looking forward to the most about working at KSAT and living in San Antonio?

The first thing is the community. I absolutely love the San Antonio community. It has an atmosphere that’s unlike any other city, and I just love the culture of San Antonio.

So getting back to that community is the first thing that excites me about moving back and the second is the KSAT weather team.

I respect the KSAT weather team so much, and I have watched them over my years in college. They’re such a smart and talented team of scientists, and I’m so excited to join them, learn from them and contribute to what makes KSAT the amazing team that it is.

Who inspires you the most today?

In a life sense, my parents are my biggest inspiration. They’ve always supported me in what I wanted to do and the person that I wanted to become. They’ve also always been there to offer advice and guidance and just help in any way they can to help me achieve my goals and dreams... I thank them for everything and give them credit for everything.

Now in a meteorology sense, really everybody who has helped shape my meteorology knowledge. That includes my professors, the people I’ve met along the way, and of course, the KSAT weather team.

Is there a weather event that’s fascinated you?

There are two that I can think of. The most recent one was here in Bryan-College Station on March 21 — we had a severe weather day with several tornadoes forming in the area.

One of them came towards Bryan-College Station on the ground. But the second it came into our county, it picked up and wasn’t on the ground anymore. It moved over Bryan-College Station and dropped right back down on the other side.

For me, it was just such a high-intensity moment because at that point it was crunch time and you have to be able to get people the information they need to stay safe.

And then the second one, of course, was the February 2021 winter storm. It was unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined experiencing in Texas and it happened in my first couple of years in the industry.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Well, I’m a dog lover. I have a Goldendoodle and she’s literally my pride and joy. I try to take her everywhere with me.

I’m also an outdoors person. I love to hike, ski and go tubing in rivers.

Mia Montgomery will join the KSAT Weather Authority team in September. (KSAT 12)

Do meteorologists have a favorite type of weather or weather day?

I would think so. Now if I had to choose... and don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful blue bird sky and a 75-degree day... but in the fall I love a nice light rain with temperatures in the 50s so that I can snuggle up on the couch and watch a fall or Christmas movie.

Anything else that you’d like KSAT viewers to know about you?

I want you to know that I am here for you. This is my home and where I grew up. And I will treat you like I do my friends and family, especially when it comes to keeping you safe and informed.

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