Murder trial for mother accused of daughter’s death drags on with no end in sight

Jessica Briones facing up to life in prison

SAN ANTONIO – The trial of a San Antonio woman accused of the murder of her four-year-old daughter is now on its eighth day.

Jessica Briones is on trial for the death of Olivia Briones back in 2017.

The prosecution last week put San Antonio Police Sgt. Rachel Barnes, the lead detective on the case, on the stand. Five days later, she is still there.

Briones on Sept. 5, 2017, walked into an SAPD substation with her daughter, who was unresponsive.

The four-year-old died a day later and doctors found numerous injuries old and new throughout her body.

Earlier this week defense attorney John Fahle began his cross-examination of Barnes and wanted all interrogation videos to be shown in their entirety, even though parts of them were already shown to the jury.

Those videos, which total almost 10 hours, have been playing in front of the jury with very little questioning going on of Barnes who is sitting on the witness stand.

On Wednesday, the jury heard again on the videos Briones tell Barnes she didn’t know how her daughter had the injuries she had and said she was very clumsy. Barnes responded by saying the injuries Olivia Briones had weren’t from a fall.

The prosecution hasn’t been able to rest their case because of how long it is taking to play the videos and still have at least one witness left, the medical examiner, to put on the stand.

The defense is also expected to put up some witnesses as well.

The jury probably won’t get to deliberate until sometime next week and if found guilty, Briones faces up to life in prison.


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