Nonprofit needs more donated wreaths for graves at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

Deadline to donate is Wednesday; presently only about 80 percent will received one

Nonprofit to place flags at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in Memorial Day tradition

SAN ANTONIO – A nonprofit that is involved in laying wreaths on graves at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery is short on donations and as a result, many may not get a wreath this holiday season.

David Bolser, the CEO of the nonprofit Senior Veterans Incorporated, said about 80% of the graves will not get a wreath because they simply don’t have enough donated.

“Over 167,000 veterans are buried at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, one of the nation’s largest national cemeteries. Every year, the people of San Antonio donate $15 wreaths for these gravestones, but in past years, there were never enough wreaths for all the graves,” Bolser said. “Only a fraction of the graves receive wreaths. People can change that.”

And while the campaign for wreaths originally began on Veterans Day, the deadline to donate is Wednesday, November 30. Those interested in making a donation can do so by clicking here.

“As the people place the wreaths on the gravestones, they read, aloud, the name inscribed on each grave. Finally, they face the gravestone and salute. It is incredibly moving to see thousands and thousands of grateful Americans honoring these veterans at their final resting place,” Bolser said.

The nonprofit said the wreaths will be placed on December 17. The event is open to the public.

Wreaths will remain on the gravestones until early January.

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Ben Spicer is a digital journalist who works the early morning shift for KSAT.