Owner seeks justice, answers after dog shot in the head with an arrow

Boomer’s owner says dog’s senses may never be the same again

MEDINA COUNTY – Boomer, a two-year-old German shorthaired pointer, was shot in the head with an arrow Sunday. More than 48 hours since having the arrow removed and stitched up, he’s well on his way to recovery.

Ben Gomez, Boomer’s owner, said it happened near his home in Devine. Explaining he saw Boomer running in the yard, then about 30 minutes later, saw him with the arrow. He adds Boomer was very calm but confused.

“I just looked at him, and I said… my god. It was a lot of adrenaline. Like I said, I rushed and got a bolt cutter cut it and got him in the truck,” said Ben Gomez

Gomez recalls his rush to the vet.

“It’s amazing that he’s here. You see the arrow in His head, and you say we’re going to have to put him down,” said Gomez

Putting him down would have likely been the case if the arrow hit Boomer’s brain. X-rays from the vet show how near of a miss that was.

“It hit above his cranial right above his eye, broke it, into his nasal cavity and out his ear lobe,” said Gomez

Gomez told KSAT Boomer has previously wandered off and chased neighborhood cats. He said he now wears a shock collar to keep him within his property, but when the battery dies, Boomer goes farther than their yard.

He thinks someone got fed up and tried to kill his dog.

“Well, I don’t see nobody with target practice or a target somewhere,” Gomez said.

When asked if he had any suspicions of who might’ve shot Boomer, Gomez said he thinks he knows but “can’t prove it.”

Gomez has filed a report with the Medina County Sheriff’s Office. KSAT called and emailed MCSO and waiting to hear back.

Boomer will be getting his stitches removed in a few weeks.

Gomez is concerned Boomer’s senses might never be 100% again but adds only time will tell.

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