TEAMability is making great strides, challenging expectations by seeing ability first

This local nonprofit is improving the lives of all individuals with special needs by focusing on their unique abilities.

TEAMability staff members assist therapy patients on bike equipment during their individualized activity session. (TEAMability, 2022)

SAN ANTONIO – For children and adults living with multiple and severe disabilities, receiving the assistance that is necessary to actively participate in life can sometimes fall short.

Where general assumption is made based on the outward view of the person, TEAMability looks beyond, challenging the assumptions and identifying an individuals’ abilities that are already there.

TEAMability is a nonprofit organization with a mission to address the complex challenges of individuals of all ages with multiple disabilities and their families.

Barbara Goldman, executive director of TEAMability, and her staff have been working with some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities in Bexar County and throughout San Antonio communities for the past 20 years.

On August 1, 2022, TEAMability moved from their previous location on N. Trinity and reopened their doors at the Multi-Assistance Center, or The M.A.C., at Morgan’s Wonderland.

The MAC offers medical and non-medical services to people with disabilities all in one place; TEAMability was chosen to be the Therapy Anchor.

The new 10 thousand square foot, state of the art clinic is a welcoming space, offering the staff and their clients more room to continue with educational and therapeutic activities and Barbara says they’re seeing an uptick in growth, “When we opened at The MAC on August 1, we were serving 40 children. After 5 months, we are serving 82 with many referrals being processed for services.”

Staff and team members remain dedicated to challenging the assumptions that children and adults with severe and complex disabilities are defined by their diagnosis. Instead, TEAMability sees ability first; they tap into every person’s unique potential, identify individual progress and celebrate achievements.

Highly qualified educators and therapists provide guided activities and learning opportunities that are individualized to each person. Speech, occupational and physical therapy are among their list of services, but they also include other programs like specialized visual skills development activities for children with cortical visual impairment (CVI).

KSAT Community is excited to spotlight TEAMability, an organization offering multiple solutions for multiple disabilities and redefining the limitless possibilities that can be achieved.

TEAMability is a nonprofit that works with children and adults with complex disabilities, revealing their human potential, helping them discover their own abilities and experience the joy of meaningful participation in life.

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About the Author:

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