San Antonio nonprofit provides rehabilitation services, employment for blind and vision impaired

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind began in 1933; employs about 500 people

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind has been empowering the lives of thousands of people with vision loss.

The nonprofit provides low vision clinics, education, career support, youth and adult programs. It employees about 500 people.

Tanya Ingram says it has transformed her life.

Ingram works assembling military helmet straps and makes sure they are perfect.

“I’m very funny about the straps. They’re like my babies and I know how important it is because I have a son in the field doing Navy Seal training,” Ingram, an employee at San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, said.

The nonprofit started in 1933 and provides rehabilitation services and employment opportunities for the blind and vision impaired.

Ingram said she lost her eyesight after an eye surgery and the organization helped her in many ways.

“It allowed me to be part of the community and it also allowed me to keep a job so I can help my family,” Ingram said.

At the organization, they make everything from military uniforms, accessories and office supplies.

“These are pencils, I have to remember numbers and parts for,” Ingram said.

Jeffrey Torrez is going on 38 years working for the lighthouse.

“If I can’t see it well enough I will pull out my magnifying glass and verify what I’m seeing and making sure it’s the right item,” Torrez said.

While it was difficult finding a job at first, Torrez is thankful he landed there.

“I love the people here,” Torrez said.

For many, the nonprofit has provided opportunities and support.

“I made a lot of mistakes, they kept pushing me to do it again and they believed in me,” Ingram said.

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