Harlandale ISD board votes to close four elementary schools

Board voted 4-3 to shutter schools

SAN ANTONIO – Harlandale ISD will close four elementary schools after the school board voted to pass the measure 4-3.

The school board listened to public comments for over an hour Monday evening.

The board voted on Option B, which is the repurposing of Columbia Heights, Mororill, Rayburn and Carroll Bell elementary schools.

Many people are upset about the pending decision.

Board member Ricardo Moreno expressed the benefit this move could bring.

“The potential merging of resources will allow us to invest in people and programs that can enhance the opportunities we can provide to our students. In turn, that investment will trickle down where they can excel and eventually tribute,” he said.

It’s unclear how the schools will be repurposed for now, as no details were discussed during the meeting.

Each school that is closing is operating at least at 50% capacity.

Harlandale ISD isn’t the only school district having these discussions about school closures. Last week, the South San Antonio ISD board of trustees voted to close three campuses in its district -- Kazen Middle School, Athens Elementary and Kindred Elementary.