Texas shelter cat put on lockdown for repeatedly letting out senior cats

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#FreeQuilty (Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization)

HOUSTON – Quilty is a frisky feline who loves to help his friends escape and is not a fan of closed doors.

According to the Friends For Live Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization, Quilty “loves to let cats out of the senior room. Repeatedly. Several times a day.”

His previous owner reportedly told the shelter that Quilty used to open the door and let his former dog sibling in the house.

Quilty was temporarily banished to the shelter’s lobby on Oct. 29 while the senior room was “Quilty-proofed,” which means no more nighttime escapades for the senior kitties.

The shelter posted an update on Tuesday saying Quilty is on a sleepover with a potential adopter. Sleepovers are usually a one-week trial period where animals in need of a forever home will spend some quality time a new place to see if it’s going to work out, according to the shelter.

Quilty’s potential new parent sent the shelter a message saying, in part, “He is doing really well. He hasn’t tried to hide at all and loves to be in the bed or on the couch snuggled up with one of us. He sleeps under my covers with me like a dog.”

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