Cat accidentally euthanized during vet visit

A Texas woman is warning pet owners to be aware when taking their animals to the veterinarian’s office after her cat was accidentally euthanized.

Michelle Olson took her eight-year-old cat Sophie to the Suburbia North Animal Hospital in Spring, in the Houston area, for her routine check-up and rabies vaccination, she told KTRK.

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Olson said not long after they returned home with the cat, she got a call from the doctor saying they gave her euthanasia instead of a rabies vaccine, according to KTRK.

“It was the doctor herself calling saying, ‘Please get Sophie back here immediately, we gave her euthanasia instead of a rabies vaccine,’” Olson told the news outlet.

The veterinarian’s office did everything they could to try and save Sophie, but it was too late.