Out of savings and without enough money for food, this North Texas woman is running out of options

Carrie Mansfield and her husband, Marcus, live in Irving. Credit: Courtesy of Carrie Mansfield

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Carrie Mansfield prides herself on being proactive during the pandemic. Furloughed at the beginning of April and laid off later that month, she immediately took steps to get unemployment benefits, notified her landlord of her situation and has received government aid — all while applying for dozens of jobs.

"I dispatched mobile work to our mobile technicians across the United States," she said. "We had a remote team in our office that handled any of our devices that were inside collision centers." She loved that job and wants more than anything to be working again.

In the weekend edition of The Brief podcast, listen to why the North Texas woman says she and her husband are still struggling more than five months later.