These 9 photos from the World's Ugliest Dog Contest will make you crack a smile

Who needs a midday pick-me-up?

You know what didn't get nearly enough love this past weekend? The World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

We now understand where the phrase "a face only a mother could love" came from. Or in this case, a face only a dog owner could love. Seriously, wait till you see some of these guys.

Of course, all dogs are beautiful. But the following photos might make you question that. Of course, we say this in good fun! (Hey, the owners were the ones who signed their beloved pets up! Don't look at us).

We don't want to make you wait any longer.

Presenting ...

This is Tostito, held by owner Molly Horgan, before the start of the contest in Petaluma, California (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).


Here’s Rascal, who’s matching dog owner Dan Andrew. Ugly dogs from across the country participated in this year’s event, according to Getty Images, which supplied the photos (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).


This gem of a pup is affectionately named Scamp the Tramp. We couldn’t make this up if we tried (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).


Ann Lewis holds her dog, Wild Thang (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).


A dog named Puka looks on before the start of the contest at the Marin-Sonoma County Fair (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).


Here’s Scamp again with owner Yvonne Morones (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

Who wouldn’t love Tee Tee? (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Here’s Scamp one final time -- after being named this weekend’s winner! (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

One final friend for you: Heather Wilson is seen holding her dog, Himisaboo (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).

Nineteen dogs battled it out for the crown. Wild Thang took second place and Tostito came in third.

Scamp is a former stray with a messy mane that "no amount of conditioner can calm," according to his official biography, which features a picture of the pooch with his tongue extended and unruly tresses covering one of his eyes, according to CNN.

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Morones said she rescued Scamp at the "last hour" from a Los Angeles animal shelter and has no regrets about the way it's all turned out.

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