Looking for something fun to do in San Antonio? Be ready to be blown away by Ballet Nepantla

Nepantla celebrates crossing geographic, historical & artistic borders


If you are looking for something to do in San Antonio, be ready to be captivated by Ballet Nepantla!

Ballet Nepantla will be presenting, "Sin Fronteras" (without borders).

What is Ballet Nepantla?

The idea for Ballet Nepantla started with Artistic Director, Andrea Guajardo, experimenting with a new dance.

Andrea and her dancers fuse Contemporary Ballet with Mexican Folklorico to tell traditional stories of the Mexican experience through an exciting, emerging aesthetic.

Guajardo said she has r ecruited top talent from NY, LA, parts of Mexico, and the Rio Grande Valley to build Nepantla's inaugural show "Sin Fronteras."

Sin Fronteras debuted in New York in September 2017 with the very positive press.

Ballet Nepantla will tour in Texas from November 24-November 29.

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What does Nepantla mean?

According to Guajardo, Nepantla is a word originating from the Nahuatl language of the Aztec people.

Nepantla is the in-between spaces that may be cultural, spiritual, and historical.

Guajardo said, "It also helps me figure out my own identity as a Mexican American, as so many of us search for identity on a daily basis."

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Ballet Nepantla in San Antonio


Guadalupe Theater

  • 1301 Guadalupe Street
  • San Antonio, TX 78207
For more information on Ballet Nepantla , you can follow them on Facebook at Ballet Nepantla and buy tickets at eventbrite.com (search for Sin Fronteras).
Information courtesy Ballet Nepantla

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