Wonder Boy: Local child spreads joy, awareness for Pfeiffer syndrome

"Beyond the face is a heart"

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SAN ANTONIO – The New York Times bestselling book "Wonder" is inspiring people all across the country with a movie by the same title, now out in theaters. 

The story shows the struggles of children with Pfeiffer's Syndrome, something that local 10-year-old Mason Leibham can relate to.

"I was born to stand out," said Mason.

Pfeiffer's Syndrome is a genetic disorder that prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and face.

But those differences do not stop Mason from making everyone around him smile. 

"His positive attitude is contagious," said Janet Ayers, Mason's reading teacher. "We see it when our heads are down and he says something funny."

"If you take just a few seconds, just get to know him, he'll change your whole life," said Vanessa Leibahm, Mason's mom. 

His friends and family are excited to spread awareness about Pfeiffer's Syndrome, especially since the movie "Wonder" is now in theaters. 

Community businesses and leaders have pitched in to provide screenings at City Base Cinema so that more people can have a better understanding of what Mason goes through. 

"Other than physically looking different, the inside is absolutely the same as you and I," said Vanessa.

"Beyond the face is a heart," said Mason.

You can see "Wonder" at City Base Cinema for half price at two different showings on Tuesday, November 21. 

Family recommends checking with the theater to make sure tickets have not sold out. 


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