Sizzling new food now at Kona Grill

New Items Are Available November 29, 2017

SAN ANTONIO – Kona Grill in the Shops at La Cantera is introducing sizzling new items to their menu starting Wednesday, November 29.

Their new sushi roll, the Sebastian, is an adventure for sushi and seafood lovers. 

Two soft-shelled shrimp rest inside the uramaki-style roll with king crab placed across the top.

"You'll be able to taste the crunch that you don't necessarily taste in the others," said Assistant Manager Patrick Miles.

The hottest new menu item is their take on the classic Filet Oscar.

Two four-ounce filets are grilled along with lightly seasoned asparagus.

The filets are topped with a tarragon bearnaise sauce and generously covered with king crab.

Accompanying the filet is a side of cheesy, bubbly scalloped potatoes au gratin topped with grated parmesan cheese.

They complete their new array of tasty items with a seasonal pumpkin spice ginger cake. The cake is served with house-made pumpkin whipped cream and fresh berries.

All of these new dishes are fantastic and Kona grill is a great way to relax before or after your holiday shopping. 

Don't forget that you get 50% off every bottle of wine every Wednesday during their Wine Down Wednesdays.

To get more information on Kona Grill and all of their menu items, just head to their website.

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