Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's how you can get your man's mojo back

Male Medical Group specializes in testosterone therapy

SAN ANTONIOValentine's Day is almost here whether you love the holiday or not, it's a reminder to cherish the special day with the one you love. 

Has your man been taking prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and they are not working either?

If your man hasn't been up to par lately in a certain area of your life... it may be time for him to visit Male Medical Group.

Roman Garcia, Media Personality and Patient, said that when guys get older, exercise and diet don't always have the same effect as when they were younger.

Tell Me More About Male Medical Group

Male Medical specializes in testosterone therapy to increase:

  • Levels maximizing energy

  • Sleeping patterns

  • Emotions

  • Sex drive

{Men as young as 30 years-old can also have symptoms of low testosterone}

  • Over 23 million men of all ages have some form of erectile dysfunction.

 Male Medical Group, will first evaluate their patient, draw some blood and within 20 minutes let them know what is the best way to equip their low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and other related man issues.

Once I was in the program, within a few weeks I was sleeping better, losing weight and regaining energy back. I lost 40 pounds when I was in the program."

- Roman Garcia 


 Roman Garcia: Before and after using Male Medical Group.

3 Things You Need to Know About Male Medical Group


  • Low testosterone symptoms produce an increase in anxiety and a loss of self­ esteem 

  • Each prescription issued by Male Medical Group is a compounded medication developed specifically for each patient

  • Most insurance companies reimburse for Male Medical Group service

  • Garcia said, "When I took a photo of myself, I was surprised at the transformation. People would come up to me and say I was half the size as what I used to be!"



    For more information on Male Medical Group, you can visit malemedicalgroup.com or call 210-255-1977 to schedule an appointment.

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    Information courtesy: Male Medical Group

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