Looking for a NEW dental practice? All Smiles Dental Center is your go-to

Invisalign and laser whitening services are available


SAN ANTONIOAre you looking for a new dentist? 

All Smiles Dental Center is your new go-to for top-of-the-line dental care.

You will be right at home at All Smiles Dental Center, since it's a family-owned dental practice where patients feel like family.


"Our goal is to make sure that everyone feels like family," said Stephanie Vela, Dental Hygienist, All Smiles Dental Center.


Three easy ways to transform your smile faster than you ever thought possible at All Smiles Dental Center! 

  • Invisalign (Average case is 12 months long for a patient) 
  • Laser whitening (Takes about 14 minutes) 
  • Veneers or crowns
  • "A good smile enhances confidence and for some people, a quality of life," Vela said


    Before and after pictures at All Smiles Dental Center


    Pictured above: Patient had Invisalign, laser whitening and veneers done at All Smiles Dental Center. 


    "Our patients report back with little to no sensitivity after the laser whitening," Vela said.

    To schedule your consultation with All Smiles Dental Center, you can visit allsmilesdentalcenter.com or call 210-804-221.



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    Information courtesy of All Smiles Dental Center.

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