Say goodbye to allergies with Air Scrubber Plus

Air Scrubber Plus was invented by NASA; Champion AC offers installation


Allergens, dust and pollen can be easily float around in your house without you noticing, which can lead to health problems.  


What's better than investing in good health for your family?


Champion AC has space-age technology to help get your home cleaner and safer with the Air Scrubber Plus!


Four benefits of the Air Scrubber Plus

  • Keeps your family safe and make it easier to breathe 
  • Removes airborne viruses, dust and pollutants
  • Cleans your home, door knobs and surfaces
  • Reduce germs and odors
  • "The Air Scrubber Plus will extend the life of your AC system tremendously," said Ben Hubbert, Champion AC owner.


    Champion AC services:

    • AC evaluation
    • AC installation
    • AC repair
    • Air duct repair
    • Commercial services
    • Ductless air conditioning 


    Air Scrubber Plus was invented by NASA!


    "The (Air Scrubber Plus) was invented by NASA," Hubbert said. "We have taken that technology and produced it for the residential and commercial environment."



    "One of our customers got a Air Scrubber Plus installed and within a week, their dog got sprayed by a skunk," Hubbert said. "The dog ran inside and the entire home smelled like skunk. Within 45 minutes, the entire house was free and clear of any skunk odor."


    Have any pets?


    The Air Scrubber Plus is perfect for pet odors!



    "I haven’t experienced any symptom of any allergy," said Leslie Suter, Champion AC customer. "It feels great, it's freeing and this is something that I feel could be life-changing for me."


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    Information courtesy of Champion AC.


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