Monster Grilled Cheese Sandwich Alert!

David Elder Takes You Inside Ay Que Rico Food Truck

SAN ANTONIO – Ay Que Rico food truck is one of the newest food trucks in San Antonio serving Tex-Mex influenced comfort food - like their grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and mini street tacos.

Owners Mike Gutierrez and Ricardo Montelongo had 9-to-5 jobs but wanted to do something more. Last year - they opened the truck to serve up recipes they grew up with and follow their passion.

The food truck has a cilantro garlic marinated shrimp grilled cheese sandwich sent from cheese heaven.

The shrimp get marinated in a cilantro garlic sauce, grilled on a flat top and drowned in a creamy garlic sauce.

The Texas toast gets a crispy golden exterior, and the cheese gets melted - get this- on the flat top and not on the sandwich.

The truck also features an oak wood smoked barbacoa quesadilla and kid approved oak wood smoked brisket mini street tacos.

The tacos get topped with cilantro, onions and creamy house-made green salsa with a lime wedge.

The food is delicious, and the truck has a large mural on it representing the things that Mike and Ricardo love about San Antonio and the culture.

Ay Que Rico is the real deal - with delicious options to mix and match anything on the menu.

Follow the food truck on social media to know where they will be next - @ayquericosa.

About the Author:

David Elder is the host of the San Antonio food show, Texas Eats. The social media segment, Elder Eats, dominated in Central and South Texas in 2017, 2018, and 2019, with more than 18 videos receiving more than 1 million views each! He is also an award-winning graphic designer and web designer working for top companies and nonprofits in Texas.