RECIPES: Healthy Dishes from Lifetime Fitness

Celebrate national chicken month with these delicious and healthy recipes


Orange Chicken

Lifetime Fitness nutrition coordinator, Anthony Pierre, shows the SA Live audience how to make a version of orange chicken that is both easy to make and healthy. 

First start off by pan frying chopped up chicken. For seasoning, add some red pepper flakes and then cook the chicken in sesame oil. Once the chicken is done cooking, add cilantro on top of the dish and then wait a little longer and you're good to go!


The positive side of eating chicken is that it provides protein with a low fat content which means less calories. Chicken is a very versatile food that can be mixed with anything or thrown in any recipe to make it healthy. LifeTime Fitness provides ready to go meals in their cafe that you can grab so you can still be on the go and healthy!