Can you eat 5 pounds of brisket in 45 minutes??

SAN ANTONIO – If you're looking for a new barbecue place in San Antonio, Smokey Mo's BBQ is the place in town to visit!

Smokey Mo's BBQ even offers all the Thanksgiving meal favorites, including turkey (12-14 pounds), green beans, cream corn, potatoes and delicious pies.

Up for a challenge?

Smokey Mo's BBQ offers an unique experience for barbecue fans, can you eat 5 pounds of brisket in 45 minutes?

Smokey Mo's Brisket Challenge

  • Eat 5 pounds of brisket in 45 minutes 
  • If you complete the challenge, the brisket is FREE
  • Call a day in advance to set up the 'Brisket Challenge' 
  • Each winner of the 'Brisket Challenge' gets their picture on the wall 

For more information, visit smokeymosbbq.com or call 210-494-9090 for the 'Brisket Challenge'!



Information courtesy of Smokey Mo's BBQ. 

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