USAA members can now save with smart home tech incentives

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SAN ANTONIO – It seems like everyone has a smart device for personal use or for their home these days.

Did you know that some smart home devices may help you save on homeowners insurance?

Smart home technology helps homeowners monitor, control, automate and react to problems across their home.

"We can help homeowners save money and also on discounts on their home insurance," said Jon-Michael Kowall, USAA property product and innovation executive. 

Investing in smart home technology

"Water devices will help members get in front of costly damage to their home, which translates into deductibles," Kowall said. "The most prevalent damage is in your home, whether it's a washing machine that broke or an appliance that leaks, which could result in huge amounts of damage." 


  • Buoy requires professional installation and is installed on the main water line.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to map out your home's water use with censors.
  • When Buoy detects something abnormal, it will alert you via your phone. 

"What's beautiful about this solution (Buoy), is that inside there's a shutoff valve," Kowall said. "From anywhere in the world you can turn off the water inside your home." 

Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector 

  • Freeze detection alerts are sent to paired phone.
  • Mobile alerts are sent to paired phone if a water leak occurs.
  • Device can be placed behind a washing machine or water heater.

"When these detect water, the censors will send an alert to your phone and you will know when a water is starting to leak," Kowall said.

Visit usaalabs.com to see how you can participate with USAA pilots. 



Information courtesy of USAA. 

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