Braces for $99 per month at Celebrate Dental & Braces

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SAN ANTONIO – Are you interested in getting affordable braces?

Going to the dentist can be an expensive task, especially if you need braces, but it doesn't have to be with Celebrate Dental & Braces. 

Celebrate Dental & Braces strives to be a convenient, friendly and affordable option for all your dentistry needs.

"With Celebrate Dental & Braces there's no down payment," said Dr. David Ferguson, DDS and CAGS at Celebrate Dental & Braces. "It's a monthly payment plan from day one. You can walk in and pay that first month's payment and that's what it will be going forward." 

You could receive a free consultation and braces for $99 per month! 

The first callers to make an appointment with Celebrate Dental & Braces will receive a free consultation and get braces for $99 per month!

For more information, visit celebratedental.com or call 210-201-1696. 



Sponsored article by Celebrate Dental & Braces. 

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