Wait, did somebody say “splatter room”?

Gina Marie’s Art Studio shows how relaxing and fulfilling art can be for the kiddos

SAN ANTONIO – Amid the hustle and bustle of work, school and other everyday stress, parents and kids need non-turbulent options when it comes to extracurricular activities.

Boerne-based Gina Marie’s Art Studio specializes in just that--teaching the relaxation and fulfillment that art has to offer. Owner and artist, Gina Marie Reese, is all about getting kids to appreciate art through various classes. But it doesn’t stop with the kiddos. There are art classes for the adults too.

There’s even a “splatter room” at Gina Marie’s, where one can create their own version of a Jackson Pollock painting.

“You can be messy here, save it for here and not the house,” says Reese.

For more on Gina Marie’s Art Studio and classes, visit their website here.