Smoked barbacoa with Jess Pryles

Grilling with the pros to help your backyard cooking

SAN ANTONIO – It happens from time to time. You buy the meat, set up your smoker or grill and attempt a really delicious meal, only to have your meat come out dry and bland. How can you make it better next time?

Enter Jess Pryles. The live fire cook, author and meat expert has spent years educating herself on all things related to meat--from butchery to a plethora of recipes, Pryles has developed a line of seasoning, Hardcore Carnivore, to take your recipes to the absolute next level.

Hardcore Carnivore seasoning available on and Amazon (KSAT)

She shares a smoked barbacoa recipe using beef cheeks with SA Live and dives into how to properly cut and prepare the meat before you toss it into your smoker.

Hardcore carnivore seasonings and more can be purchased here.