How to make a fire bowl

DIY ideas, hacks for your patio, porch or yard

SAN ANTONIO – Did you know you can make a fire bowl in less than 5 minutes? It’s great for roasting s’mores in a small outdoor space or adding light and warmth to your patio, porch or yard.

Fiona made one on SA Live today, and you can try it at home!

Here’s what you will need:

1. A large, clean terracotta pot or bowl

2. A small terracotta pot that will fit inside that large bowl with a few inches of room around the edges

3. Heavy duty aluminum foil

4. River rocks

5. Sea glass or prettier rocks to use in the top layer

6. Charcoal, wood pieces, Sterno or a candle that will fit inside the smaller pot

*Optional: Paint for the larger bowl or pot - we used glow in the dark spray paint!

Assembling your fire bowl:

Make sure all of the terracotta pots are clean and dry. Paint the larger bowl or pot (painting the inside is optional). Wait a few hours for the paint to dry.

Line the inside of the small pot and the outside edges with foil. Fill the small pot with charcoal, wood pieces, Sterno or place the candle inside. Place the small pot inside the large pot or bowl. Make sure it’s in the center.

Place river rocks inside the large pot or bowl, surrounding the smaller pot. Fill about halfway and top with sea glass or pretty rocks. Make sure you’re outside in a safe area before you light it up.

Watch the video above for more DIY tips and hacks for your outdoor space. We’re on a budget, so these pointers will help you save money, too!

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