Considering selling? Tips to get the best deal for your car

Be honest with a car buyer if your vehicle has damage

SAN ANTONIO – Are you in the market to sell or trade in your vehicle?

Selling a car can be a dreadful process, especially if you’re not comfortable with the negotiation stage.

To help you sell your vehicle quickly and easier, CarZeus has some tips on how to get the best deal for selling your car online.

1. Avoid overpricing your car.

According to CarZeus, when you price your vehicle, it has to be less than the retail competition.

After all, dealerships have a larger reach, more marketing dollars, and service departments. So if you are pricing similarly to them, you will lose every time.

2. Submit high-quality pictures of the vehicle.

When it comes to giving enough detail on your vehicle condition, reach for the stars.

Send in more pictures of your vehicle, make sure it’s in tip-top shape, give the vehicle a wash and be upfront with the buyer if there is damage to the vehicle. Buyers like to know exactly what they are getting before meeting for an appointment.

3. Don’t ignore a salesperson.

Do you hate negotiating? You’re not alone and that’s OK.

Just try to be on top of the game when it comes to answering phone calls, texts or emails with a salesperson. Being discourteous to a salesperson when you’re trying to sell your car isn’t helpful in speeding up the process of getting you a cash offer.

Whether you need to sell a car or trade it in, the process can be a hassle to some people. CarZeus takes minutes to get a real offer, you communicate via text, there is easy vehicle drop-off and offers are fair (usually higher than trade-in).

CarZeus is open during normal business hours to serve you, and there is an in-home pickup option.