Each student in this district receives a device to help with learning in new school year

First 8 weeks of school will be remote learning at Edgewood ISD

Edgewood ISD issues each student a technology device for new school year | SA Live | KSAT12
Edgewood ISD issues each student a technology device for new school year | SA Live | KSAT12

School is pretty different this year, but education and safety are still top priorities.

High-traffic and high-contact areas are being sanitized daily.

Over the past six months, Edgewood ISD has adapted -- and plans to offer education, technology, meals and other resources to the community.

The first eight weeks of school within the district will be remote learning, all held online. After the first eight weeks, families have three instruction options, including remote learning, on-campus learning or a hybrid model with three days online and two days on campus.

“These models were created based on the feedback we received from our parent survey over the course of the summer,” said Keyhla Calderon-Lugo, a spokesperson for Edgewood ISD.

Every student will receive an EISD-issued technology device to help them learn at home and in the classroom.

“All of our students do receive devices for their online learning,” Calderon-Lugo said.

Edgewood ISD is relentlessly committed to providing its students with a next-level education that best fits their diverse skills. Edgewood’s plan to continue this goal is to develop five innovation zones in the next five years.

Families now have the opportunity to choose from all Edgewood schools and programs designed to best fit the individual interests of their child, including the schools of innovation.

The district is continuing with opening three new schools of innovation: Gus Garcia University School, a middle school in partnership with Texas A&M - San Antonio; Las Palmas Leadership School for Girls (kindergarten through second-grade); and STEAM at Perales Elementary.

An application is required to gain admission into these schools and programs. Edgewood ISD is accepting applications for the 2020-21 academic year.

As the district is an open-boundary school district, all students from Bexar County can apply to an Edgewood School of Innovation.