4 ways seniors can be proactive in staying healthy, according to experts

September is Senior Health Month

Gonzaba Medical Group is celebrating 60 years of serving San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO – It’s Senior Health Month, and as Gonzaba Medical Group is celebrating 60 years of serving San Antonio, experts there are hoping to spread the word on how seniors can be proactive in keeping themselves healthy.

Throughout the pandemic, the medical group doctors and staff have been making senior health a top priority.

“Senior Health Month is the one time of year where we focus all of our attention to making sure seniors are taken care of for the rest of the year,” said Dr. Greg Gonzaba.

Keys to health for seniors to keep in mind

  1. Stay active as possible -- take up Zumba, dancing or go for a walk to keep physically healthy.
  2. Have a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits to promote the immune system.
  3. Keep a good relationship with your primary care doctor.
  4. Think positive and try to enjoy life to help your mental health.

“We are in touch with the community of San Antonio and we try to meet their needs," said Gonzaba.

Gonzaba Medical Group is practicing social distancing and prescreens patients and employees to make sure no one who enters has COVID-19 symptoms.

The group has since expanded to seven locations with more than 700 team members and 80 providers.

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