These are the 4 essential plans of Medicare to consider before the enrollment period deadline

Deadline to make change to current Medicare plan for 2021 is Dec. 7

The annual enrollment period for Medicare coverage for 2021 ends Dec. 7

SAN ANTONIO – Are you a senior or do you have seniors in your life who you help assist with paperwork?

The Medicare annual enrollment period has just begun, and those who are turning 65 can explore their Medicare Advantage benefits.

As Medicare terminology can be difficult to understand, the Gonzaba Medical Group is available to help answer any questions seniors may have. The deadline to make a change to your Medicare plan is Dec. 7.

Need help with the different plans offered in Medicare? The health care group has listed some explanations.

Part A of Medicare

This plan is often called the hospital insurance plan because it pays for a portion of your care while you are in a hospital. It also pays some of the costs for a skilled nursing facility or if you get health care at home. Lastly, it covers hospice care for people who are terminally ill.

Part B of Medicare

This plan pays for doctor services, outpatient hospital care and home health care that is not covered by Part A.

Part C of Medicare

Often known as a Medicare Advantage Plan or Supplement Plan, this may offer additional coverage for hospital services, doctor office visits and prescription drugs. It may also include benefits such as dental, vision, transportation and hearing coverage.

Part D of Medicare

This plan covers your prescription drugs. Plans may vary in cost, as well as which drugs are covered.

For those who may be looking for personalized, coordinated care, Gonzaba Medical Group has been serving the San Antonio community with premier senior care for 60 years.

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