3 benefits of owning residential solar panels

Solar panels are a silent, reliable source of energy for the household

Are you interested in going solar this winter?

If you are a homeowner deciding whether solar is the right option, South Texas Solar Systems has provided three benefits to consider when purchasing residential solar panels.

1. Low upkeep

Everyone loves appliances with low upkeep, and solar panels are no different.

South Texas Solar Systems said, “One of the best things about solar panels, in general, is that they don’t require extensive maintenance when you install them once. You only need to perform yearly checkups with professionals.”

2. Power reliability

One of the crucial features of residential solar panels in Texas is that they’re a reliable source of energy for your household, according to South Texas Solar Systems.

Plus, you can count on the sun rising and setting each day. With exact meteorological and astronomical data on the sun’s movement, we can always have a rough estimate on how much solar energy panels will be able to harness in a given area.

3. No noise pollution

Solar panels are advantageous, even among other green technologies. Wind turbines create quite a lot of noise pollution, just like hydroelectricity technology.

A big advantage to solar panels is that they are silent, functioning without bothering anyone. Solar panels are also great for the environment, so you can feel good about that.

With every solar system a customer at South Texas Solar Sytems purchases, that person will receive one free Jade Air Filtration System. According to South Texas Solar Systems, these remove bad air created from bacteria, viruses and fungus, with its six stages of filtration.

The company continues to practice social distancing and COVID-19 safety procedures when working with staff and customers.

South Texas Solar Systems is also giving a tax credit for those who are going solar through the end of the year, along with some other perks. Check with your utility provider for any solar energy buyback programs.

Watch the video above to learn about South Texas Solar Systems’ promotions.