Chocollazo s’mores to-go

Get the best s’mores around without even needing a campfire

SAN ANTONIO – Frank Collazo, co-owner of Chocollazo, shows off his extremely easy, but incredibly delicious, s’mores to go.

Consisting of two graham crackers around a giant marshmallow, the s’mores are dipped in one of four chocolates and topped with sprinkles or other toppings, then dried so they can be enjoyed wherever you may be.

Chocollazo also has many other delicious treats that will be able to please even the pickiest sweet tooth.

The chocolate shop recently opened a brand new ice cream shop, Black + White Modern Creamery, right next door. It has some of the most fantastic ice cream flavors you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Frank stressed the importance of supporting local businesses here in San Antonio in order help the community as a whole in these hard times. Head over to Chocollazo’s website to place a curbside order or just see what options they have all while supporting a local business.